BavarianOpenTeamTournament (BOTT) 16th and 17th August

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BavarianOpenTeamTournament (BOTT) 16th and 17th August

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1. Warmachine/Hordes Bavarian Open Team Tournament Rules:1.1 Introduction:
We are very happy to announce the BOTT Warmachine/Hordes tournament for the SECOND time.
We are looking forward to meeting participants from many different countries.
Without further ado we present the rules for the BOTT 2014. Have a lot of fun until August.

At the moment we are planing a singel player side event, too. More informations about this event will follow in the the next weeks.

1.2 Tournament Details:
Date: 16th and 17th August 2014
Location: Orlandossaal (884m²), Stadthalle Germering Landsberger Str. 39, D-82110 Germering
Participants: up to180 players ( max. 32 teams)
Entry fee: Informations will follow in the next two weeks

Bank details:
Kontonummer: 0803520663
Bankleitzahl: 30020900
IBAN: DE14300209000803520663
Reference: team name (for instance: nation, team name)
Account holder: Alexander Michael Schweitzer

There might be a PayPal option for Teams not from Germany, if you want to pay via PayPal please
contact us via e-mail:

Please send your army lists to the email address below until 20th July 2014:

Team registration:
Website where you can have a look at the army lists after 25th July 2014:

1.3 What to bring?
The official tournament language will be English – players have to provide the
cards for their armies in English. It goes without saying that it is allowed to bring translated
cards, but English cards are exclusively used for reference.
• Cards for your army in English / cards in your native language
• Miniatures
• Dice
• Measuring tape
• Templates
• Tokens for special game effects (spells, feats, continuous effects…). Self made tokens
and tokens from various retailers are acceptable. The token should clearly indicate the
game effect.
• Rule book/ faction book
• High spirits

2. Registration:
Please register your team by email:
A team consists of five players, one player being the team captain (with special duties during
the tournament ;), find out more below). Every team member chooses one of the following
• Cygnar
• Convergence of Cyryss
• Protectorate of Menoth
• Khador
• Cryx
• Retribution of Scyrah
• Mercenaries (Four Star, Highborn Covenant, Searforge Commission or Talion Charter
/ tier lists)
• Trollbloods
• Circle Orbororos
• Legion of Everblight
• Skorne
• Minions
Factions are allowed only once per team (for instance: Cygnar, Cryx, Skorne, Trollbloods and
Khador). (Maybe we will adapt this rule to the rules of the WTC 2014)
The following Steamroller 2014 rules apply for list composition:
• 2 Lists Required
• Characters Restricted
• Model/Unit Characters Restricted
It is acceptable for Mercenary players to choose different contracts for their lists. Army lists
need to be submitted until 1st June by email:
Army lists are required to include the following elements:
• Names of the team player and team / all team members
• Two 50 point lists / all 50 point army lists
• Please submit your army lists as Word or Excel files
It is possible but not necessary to bring your army lists to the tournament, since you will
receive a team folder containing these lists.
Generally there is no maximum number of teams per nation for this tournament. To ensure that as many nations as possible participate in the event we have implement the following rule: if all team slots are taken and a nation with no prior registered team wishes to enter a team for the tournament, we unfortunately have to cancel the registration of the team of the nation with the most participants that submitted its registration last.

Example: a team from the Vatican submits a registration. There are already three registered teams from Germany, which is now leading in regards to the number of teams, and the number of teams would exceed the team maximum for the event. The team from Germany that submitted its registration last unfortunately will have to step back. Two “mercenaries” from a different nation are allowed per team. Example: Team Vatican only has four players and accepts a “merc” from Germany into their team to achieve the number of required players.

Team registration:
Website where you can have a look at the army lists after 25th July 2014:

3. Models, Painting and Proxies:
The Hardcore Painting is required’ rule applies (p.2 Hardcore Rules 2014 pdf). There
will be an award for the best painted team. Conversions will be treated according the
Steamroller 2014 rules. Proxies are not permitted. Models, that have not been released at the time of the tournament, are also not permitted.

4. Fairplay and Rule Questions:
We expect all players to treat their opponents with courtesy, fairness and respect. Should any difficult situations arise, please contact the tournament organisers or referees immediately to resolve the situation. In the unlikely case of extremely unsportsmanlike behaviour victory of the match goes to the opponent at maximum victory points. In the case of an escalation, the TO reserve the right to ban the offender from the tournament.
Should any questions regarding the rules arise players are asked to consult their rulebooks and fetch the referees only if they come to no satisfying conclusion. Referees or tournament
organisers have the final word on debates.

5. Terrain:
Terrain will be set up by the tournament organisers. It is not allowed to change the set up of the terrain unless it is directly placed on a scenario objective. In this case the terrain will be changed by the tournament organisers..

6. Match Pairings, Scenarios and Tournament Points:

6.1 Pairings and Scenarios:
In round 1 of the tournament team pairings will be decided by lot. After round 1 pairings occur according to the Swiss tournament system. A team will never compete against the same team twice.
After the opposing teams have been chosen, both team captains meet at their allocated gaming table and throw a die. The captain with the highest roll goes first. In the case of a draw reroll until you have a winner. Pairings take place as explained below:

Team captain A wins the dice roll. Team captain A chooses his first player and provides both army lists of the respective player. Team captain B then chooses two players and provides their respective army lists. Team captain A picks one of these two players to compete against the first player of team A. Once a match up has been decided, the army lists of the second player of team 2 remain on the table. Team captain B then chooses a gaming table for the first match up. Every pairing will be playing the same scenario, resulting in all 5 team members playing the same scenario per tournament round. The pairing process lasts until every player has found an opponent.
Scenarios which will be played will be announced from the Steamroller 2014 rules:

Scenarios will be released till 1st June!

After that, the second player of team B is presented with two players and their respective army lists by team captain A. Team captain B picks one opponent and team captain A chooses gaming table and scenario. Repeat this process until every team member has an opponent. Once team captains have decided on the pairings the tournament organisers will register the matchups .Scenarios are played according to the Steamroller 2012 rules, using the victory conditions and tie-breakers according to the Steamroller 2013 rule-set.
Game time for the individual matches is 120 minutes – with 60 minutes being reserved for each player. The BOTT 2014 follows the Steamroller 2014 Death Clock rules.
It is strictly forbidden to interfere with games that are not your own to gain advantage for your team (for example by giving hints or indicating moves).

6.2. Tournament Points:
After a game has finished please fetch a tournament organiser to record your game result (only game organisers are allowed to do this!).
After each tournament round, it is determined which team has more victories (for instance 3:2; 4:1 or 5:0). The team with the most victories gains one tournament point. “Side points” are firstly attributed for the number of victories and secondly for control points gained by the layers of a team.
An example:

Team A beats team B 4:1. Team A gains one tournament point and the following side points:

Team A:
1 tournament point
Primary side points: 4:1
Secondary side points 4 (control points from all five games)

7. Tournament Pogramme:
Start: Day I Saturday 16th August 2014
9.00 – 9.45 Registration
9.45 – 10.00 Welcome speech and announcement of tournament round 1
10.00 – 10.15 Pairings by the captains for round 1
10.15 – 12.15 Round 1
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break
13.45 – 14.00 Pairings by the captains for round 2
14.00 – 16.00 Round 2
16.30 – 16.45 Pairings by the captains for round 3
17.00 – 19.00 Round 3
Party and more PARTY
Sunday 17th August 2014
9.30 All teams are required to be present
9.45 – 10.00 Pairings by the captains for round 4
10.00 – 12.15 Round 4
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break
14.00 – 14.15 Pairings by the captains for round 5
14.15- 16.15 Finals
approx. 17.00 Award ceremony

8. Prizes:
Prizes for first, second and third places
Best painted team award
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